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Having the best car speakers fitted and hooked to a powerful amplifier system inside your car can elevate your music and audio books listening experience to a whole new exciting level! While that might be fun and exciting, finding these good sounding automobile speakers is unfortunately not very simple because there are tons of different models, brands and features that you have to spend quality time to sort through in order to finally discover the right one with the right specs and ratings.

Thankfully you don’t have to go through all that trouble because we have already done the hard work for you! Below is a comprehensive comparison price table that summarizes all our findings on what seems to be the most rated and sort after affordable speakers for different automobile stereo system.

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Best Car Speakers Shopping Guide

Since 1930 car speakers have undergone continuous improvement and refinements to ensure that car owners are not left out of the fun of enjoying high quality music accompanied with tight and deep bass production. These continuous improvement and refinements in car speakers has seen modern cars being fitted with powerful dual subwoofers and built in amplifier system to really give the music that oozes out of the speaker extra power and vibes.

Because these days car speakers have more than one function (listening to music) it therefore becomes imperative for drivers to have installed in their vehicle the most sophisticated speakers to be able to conveniently handle the different use that car speakers can be put into including communicating with mobile phones, listening the lectures and audio messages via the automobile speakers.

To help you find the right car speakers that will suit all your needs and preferences here are some basic but very crucial factors worth considering

The Sound Quality
Let’s face fact! The main essence of wanting to buy a speaker system for your vehicle is to get sound and not just any kind of sound but high quality musical sound that are pleasing to the ear. While shopping, there are some key features that you can take advantage of in order to gain insight on how well and rich the sound oozing from a particular speaker can be and the first is the frequency. Different speakers including the top sounding 6.5 automobile speakers have different frequency range capabilities and the wider the range, the higher will be the sound it will produce and vice verse. A typical speaker (like the decent sounding Bose car speakers) will usually have a peak frequency range of 20,000 hertz and lowest being 10 hertz. You should note that you don’t actually have to go the whole length of the peak frequency in order to enjoy good sound quality.

Gravitating away from the frequency property of a speaker, let’s talk briefly about the sensitivity property which also happens to be one the factors that you can use to your advantage in determining how well and rich the music quality of any give speaker can be. In as much the sensitivity ratings does not have direct effect on sound, it thus can affect and influence how much sound a speaker can deliver with the power they are currently being supplied with. In a more practical sense, it is usually recommended that low sensitivity speakers should be chosen where there is a low powered stereo system involved and vice versa where the stereo system involved is high powered.

Speaker Materials
The nature, types and quality of materials used in the design and construction car speaker are important consideration points when planning to buy the best speakers for your car stereo system because not only does it have direct effect on the sound quality but it can also determine the lifespan of your automobile speakers. Make sure you give this a considerable consideration before buying.

Types of Car Speakers

There are a number of different automobile speakers from different companies (Bose automobile speakers is one) to choose from when planning to upgrade your automobile stereo system and in the following paragraphs, we will highlight some of the common and popular types that are readily available and accessible.

The Component and Full Range Types: The component speaker system are the types whose components (subwoofer, tweeter, woofer etc.) are designed separately in such a way that it can easily be moved around and positioned inside the car separately for best possible sound production. These types are usually more expensive and are mostly recommended for the advanced music enthusiasts seeking for an improved music experience while driving. The full range automobile speaker system on the other hand are the ones that everything is built into just one unit. They are usually less expensive than the component types and are mostly recommended for those seeking for a replacement of their old factory fitted car speakers.

Coaxial: generally these types often contain two or more speakers that are built into one single unit. Usually it comprise of a mid-bass and tweeters. People often go for these types because not only are they cheap and affordable but are also generally easy and simple to install and setup with little or no hassles.

2-way component: as the name implies and like the previously discussed model usually consist of a twitter and mid-bass but are a little harder to install as compared with the coaxial models.

3-way component: just as the name hints, this types mostly consist of separate and distinct woofer, mid-bass and twitter and of course are more complicated to install and setup compared to the two earlier models just discussed above.

Mid-Bass: this model often consist of 5 inch – 6.5 inch automobile speakers specifically designed and engineered to amplify low frequency notes as well as bridging the woofer and tweeter gasp.

Horns: these types of speakers usually assume funnel-like shapes and are mostly used for staging purposes especially when trying to achieve crisp and clean vocal frequencies but you should note that installation-wise, these types proves to be the toughest.

Ideal Position for Car Speakers Placement and Installations

There a different positions and locations for your best car speakers installations. Below are major positions which you can install and configure yours for maximum output quality.

Rear Position: here, speakers are installed behind car seats or in the truck of vehicles. For rare positions, the best 6×9 speakers are usually the best choice to patronize.

Front Position: here, speakers can be installed inside the door panel or under the seat. If you are considering the door panel, then you will want to choose best door speakers.


Although we have listed some of the best positions to play around when performing speaker installations, we however advise that you don’t let yourself be limited by the above listed and highlighted options. Having that, we recommend that you play around and try out a different position and placement options of you can think of until you finally find the perfect placement position that meets your needs and preferences.

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